A workshop usually requires a lot of tools that must be easily accessible, always at hand. On the other hand, it should not get in the way when not in use. One solution is drawers and shelves that can be non-functional and are more practical for an infrequently used tool as well as a large tool. For smaller tools that are in daily use, the best solution is to keep them on the wall near the work table.

A magnetic tool holder is our recommendation.

What materials are used:
- iron sheet - minimum thickness 0.8 mm
- neodymium magnets - flat, same thickness
- strong adhesive tape
- inner bicycle tire

The time required to make it is approx. 30 minutes.

It is necessary to cut a strip of iron sheet about 2 cm wide and about 30 cm long, it can be longer. The sheet must be magnetic, iron sheet is more affordable. The edges should be processed so that they are not sharp, so that the adhesive tape that will be glued later does not get damaged on the edge.
In the example, the strip is cut from the cover of an old computer case. It's not overly flat, but that's not the most important thing.

magnetic tool holder - sheet metal strip

Holes are drilled at the end and middle of the strip, which will later be used for mounting on the wall.

Neodymium magnets are placed on the tape. In the example, magnets extracted from old computer disks are used. They should be arranged so that they are inside the strip or that they do not stick out.
magnetic tool holder - magnets

It is ideal if all the magnets are the same thickness, but it will not be a problem if they are minimally different.
magnetic tool holder - magnets vertically

The strong adhesive tape is spread on the table so that the adhesive part is on the upper side.
Put a tin strip in the middle of the adhesive tape so that the magnets come to the adhesive part.
magnetic tool holder - adhesive tape

magnetic tool holder - adhesive first layer

You need to press, cut off the excess tape and glue one side and then the other.
magnetic tool holder - one side

From the old inner bicycle tire (air tube), cut two pieces of rubber approx. 1.5 cm wide and as long as the magnets. The rubber has the function of cushioning the pressure between the tool and the magnet or adhesive tape.
magnetic tool holder - rubber strips

Pieces of rubber should be washed with soap because they have powder on them that prevents good adhesion. Dry them and attach them to the magnetic strip on the side of the magnet.
magnetic tool holder - attached tires

Now you need to repeat the gluing with the adhesive tape.
magnetic tool holder - second layer

Remove the tape where the holes are (with an awl) as well as the excess tape from the ends and the magnetic tool holder is ready to mount on the wall.
magnetic tool holder - ready for mounting on the wall

Magnetic tool holder in action:
magnetic tool-holder holds hammersmagnetic tool holder holds screwdriversmagnetic tool holder holds small parts