When you have a garden, you also have garden tools. Even a small garden needs garden tools. A hoe, a rake, a pitchfork, a pitchfork,... To keep it all neatly in one place, you need a stand so that it is always available, and that it gets in the way as little as possible.

This stand was made with such assumptions. There are several versions of garden tool racks on Youtube. Some prefer a rack attached to the wall, others have solid constructions. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

This stand is designed to be on the terrace or under the balcony, on a flat surface.

garden tools stand

Most of it is waste material, old furniture and the like.

The bottom is cut from 19mm chipboard. The dimension was taken from the largest round lid that was available. A larger bottom will allow more tools to be placed, but will also take up more space.
The cover is placed on the bottom as a protection for the chipboard, which would be damaged very quickly already after several storage of the sharp tool.

stand for garden tools bottom detail

The bottom is on 4 wheels. The load capacity and the quality of the wheels are not important because the tool is not excessively heavy and will not be moved much.
wheels of the garden tool stand

The upper part is also cut from chipboard. Two equal circles are connected together. In the example, a joint with 4 wooden dowels was used, and wood screws can also be used.
In addition to chipboard, some other material can be used, it needs to be of sufficient thickness so that the plastic holder can be attached with two screws.
plastic holder garden tools stand

The plastic holder is cut from a 50mm domestic sewer pipe.
The width of the holder is the thickness of the upper part.
When a piece is cut, it is cut in one part. One end at a time, they are heated (lighter) and bent as shown in the picture. This is necessary so that the tool comes out more easily and is inserted more easily.

plastic holder second detail

The upper and lower parts are connected with a fir slat 20x30. Unfortunately, it is not exactly a happy solution because it is not rigid enough and does not exude stability.
It is recommended to use a larger thickness, at least 40x40 mm.

Everything is painted with a base color (white can be seen above) and a finishing varnish.
As it will not be directly exposed to atmospheric influences, a long service life is expected.

top panel of stand

bottom detail