18.09.2008, Bojana . . . Kada imaju polasci iz Zagreba za Korculu za ovaj vikend?
19.09.2008, Enes . . . U 19:30.
18.09.2008, majda . . . please ther is a bus from venecia to croacia day 20-09-2008 thank you for your help
19.09.2008, Enes . . . Please try typing names of towns in ''timetable'' and you will have time of journey.
17.09.2008, illy . . . hello,
I'm looking for a connection from Nis(Serbia) to Zagreb on Sunday 26.10.08 or Monday 27.10.08
Can you give me some timetable and prices?
18.09.2008, Enes . . . For both days you have buses at 11:55 and 20:55. Price for one way ticket is 263 kuna.
14.09.2008, Elisa . . . Hi, I have to go from Trento to Nis (Serbia) and I would like to know the price of the ticket and where I can buy it (in a travel agency?)
Thanks a lot!
17.09.2008, Enes . . . Unfortunatelly we don't have information about price for this line. You can buy ticket in Trento at bus station.
08.09.2008, Gerhard . . . Hello, I have to go from Rijeka to Zagreb on 27th September early in the morning.
Time table? Is it possible that the schedule will change? How much is the ticket? How can I book the ticket in advance or make a reservation if needed? How long will the trip last? Thanx a lot!!
11.09.2008, Enes . . . Buses from Rijeka go during whole day. First bus is at 06:00 o'clock. Reservations can be made at bus station in Rijeka. Ticket cost is between 95 and 151 kuna depending on time traveling and bus co. At 06:00 o'clock cost of ticket is 151 kuna, you arrive to zagreb at 09:40.