21.10.2008, Wolfgang . . . Hello!
I have seen that many buses between Makarska and Ploce do not stop at Brist near Gradac, even if this village is located at the coast road, so only a few buses stop there and the others are passing without stopping?
22.10.2008, Goran . . . I'm affraid that's correct.You can ask driver to stop for you there, if you want.Good luck!
17.10.2008, John . . . I would like to know what is the August schedule for direct buses from Zagreb to Island of Rab, and back

Thank you
17.10.2008, Goran . . . Unfortunatelly, there is no direct bus line from Zagreb to Rab, but you do have bus line from Zagreb to Rijeka, and then from Rijeka to Rab.All bus lines from Zagreb to Rab, via Rijeka, you can check on our website.
15.10.2008, Germaine . . . Hi there !
How much would cost a bus ticket from Kotor to Herceg Novi ? and, on the same bus line, from Kamenari to Herceg novi ?
Can I pay for the ticket inside the bus or do I have to buy it somewhere else ?
Thanks in advance,
17.10.2008, Goran . . . I'am afraid we cant help you, because we dont have valid information about prices on that line.
Good luck.
15.10.2008, MadMoonshine . . . Dear Enes,
Is there any line from Montenegro (or if not, Croatia) to POLAND (preferably the capital : Warsaw).
Thank you for your answer !!
17.10.2008, Goran . . . I'am afraid we can't help you,because we dont have any valid information about this line.
07.10.2008, Ljubisav Nikolic . . . I would like to know if there is a bus going from Vienna to Belgrade or Loznica on the 19th November, and how much cost return ticket. And the time also please. Thanks
09.10.2008, Enes . . . There is a daily bus line from Wien to Beograd. Unfortunally we don't know price for this bus ticket. From tuesday to friday bus starts at 05:00 o'clock from Wien. From saturday to monday bus starts at 03:00 o'clock from Wien. For further information please contact bus station in Beograd.